by The Last Bison

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Dorado is a constellation in the southern sky, drawing its name from the Portuguese word for Dolphinfish. For Ben Hardesty, front man of The Last Bison, Southern skies, constellations, the ocean, salt air, and fishing all supply great inspiration for music. Journeys south, especially a surf and fishing trip to Costa Rica with a band of friends a few years back, are the kinds of experiences in which his music finds its origin.

The songs from the EP Dorado speak of nostalgia and adventure with a childhood friend, of holding on to love in the midst of change, of discovering yourself while searching for something bigger than yourself, and the wonder of being fully brought to light by the one you love. The thread through the short collection of songs is the mysterious beauty of knowing someone and being fully known by them. Hardesty states, “I am an ever nostalgic person, constantly looking back on experiences that create and strengthen the bond between friends.” Gazing at constellations, and running through the jungles of Latin America are experiences that have now found musical expression.

Like the songs from their album, VA, the music on Dorado is full of more experimental percussive elements than their earlier work. Muted chimes and hammered banjo are blended with anthemic vocal harmonies, full strings, and explosive percussion in a way that transcends the folk sound into a far more cinematic rock.


released March 3, 2015

Executive Producer - Jim Parocco / Media House Music
Produced by The Last Bison
Recorded by Jim Parocco, Cassidy Parocco, Jamie Flora
Mixed by Ryan Swinehart
Mastered by Kevin Reeves
All songs Ben Hardesty BMI

Ben Hardesty - Vocals, Guitar, Drums
Dan Hardesty- BGVs, Banjo, mandolin, Guitar
Amos Housworth- Bass, Cello
Annah Housworth- BGVs, Bells, Percussion
Andrew Benfante- Keys, Organ
Teresa Totheroh- Violin



all rights reserved


The Last Bison Chesapeake, Virginia

The Last Bison’s mountain-top chamber music combines elements of alternative indie-folk with classical sensibilities. The music of this seven member band grew organically in the family living room and around backyard bonfires giving it a rootsy quality and yet the complex arrangements and refined strings seem just as appropriate in the symphony hall. ... more

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Track Name: Souls In The Sand
Palms pressed to the wet stone
From the end of the bridge to the orange grove
We would cut them down in our search for gold
Leaving more behind than we would take home

I would run through the jungle with you if I had the chance
I'd go back again to
Get caught in the rain as we searched for our souls in the sand

Knee-deep in the downpour
As my mother called through the kitchen door
Come revitalize, fortify, restore
If the light runs out we will pray for more

Oh what a glorious memory
Watch as a thousand monarchs rise
Wrap me inside your wingspan
Beauty is in the makers eye
Track Name: This Changes Everything
City sits alone
Full once now disowned
How like a widow sadly she's become
Old and overgrown

Prey that is what she's become
Enslaved, in chains to the broken ones

The dust is finally settling
You know this changes everything
Let's run to a place we can hide
The walls have finished crumbling
The thieves have done their plundering
Let's hide any place we can find

Royalty dethroned
Stronghold to the stones
Your city fell into the hands of foes
Quickly overthrown

Prey that is what she's become
Enslaved, in chains to the broken ones

Sing to me
Sing me the song you wrote
While I was still asleep
Encompassed by dark and deep
Bring to me
Bring me the rope you tied
While I was underneath
Holding with all of me
Track Name: Dorado
Come and witness to me
I'm broken
Breathe and speak into me
I'm gone
My ideology
You've spoken
My view of the world
Has dawned

So come and see what I see
As the moon and the stars align
Come out of the sea
You light up
I know I'm not far behind ill
Come out of the deep
When I know
The trail that you left behind
Was set up for me to follow

When you dug into me
I opened
When you whispered to me
I heard
Now you've given to me
The oceans
Now you've given to me
The words

If I were to walk on water
Would I falter
I will rise with the sea
Track Name: You Are The Only One
You you take me places I've never been
My lines fade when traced upon your skin
And I have seen our colors bleed and blend
I can't see where I end and you begin

You have braved the winter months
And you gave so very much

So come and softly speak
For you are the only one
You are the only one
Just whisper this to me
Say I'm the only one
Say I'm the only one

You, you've sailed my deep and darkest seas
In its trenches secrets can not keep
And I have safely surfaced to be seen
Rescued by the words you say to me